How You Can Post Your Story!

I received a comment from published author Christina Debi. She said: “I’d really like to join this but I have no idea how to do it all…Can you help me out here? Thank you.”

Christina, and other inquiring minds, here is how you can join in to this flash fiction challenge, or others:

Each flash fiction challenge has guidelines. For Mondays Finish the Story, the guidelines are that you write a story that is between 100-150 words; that you include the opening line of the story which you get to finish; and, that you use the photo from the post in your post giving the photo credit to Barbara W. Beacham. Other blogs ask you to write a story that just uses the photo prompt. These stories can be 100 words, 200 words, or more.

To participate in MFtS, take a look at this week’s challenge for the week of Jan. 26th, 2015. It has a photo of a wolf, and the opening line of the story is: “She was unaware that she was being watched.” This sentence has 8 words. So, the number of words in your story has to be the eight in the opening sentence, plus 100 up to 150 (108 words to 158 in total), because you include the opening sentence.

Check out my story this week. I titled my post The Wolf. My story has the 8 words from the opening sentence and 150 words of my story.

There are two ways to share your story. One way is by clicking on the little blue guy to add your link. The other way to share your story is to include a link in your post back to the weekly challenge.

To add your link by clicking on the blue guy, go out to the WordPress reader and find your story. Click on the link to your story and right click on the URL line and copy the link.

Then go back to the MFtS for this week and click on the blue guy. A page comes up with all the stories that others have written, and at the bottom of that page on the left, click on “Add your link.” In the URL line area of the InLinx code page, right click again and click on paste and the link to your post should show up. The title for your story will automatically appear. Add your email address. Then, click on the “done” button. You can go back and read the other posts out there by clicking on the “take me back button.”

For further exposure to your blog, make sure that you include a link in your post to the weekly MFtS post for the week. Not only can readers read your story by clicking on the blue guy, but there will be a link in the comment section. That link in comments will appear when I approve the comment. I had to do this because I have gotten links added in a comment that have nothing to do with the challenge.

I hope that this answers how to join in, and if anyone has any questions, I would be happy to answer them! Thanks to all that are participating and to those who are considering doing so! You all brighten my days!

Be well! ^..^

4 thoughts on “How You Can Post Your Story!

  1. Good advice Barb, lets hope more folk join in, yours is an excellent challenge because you give the first sentence which often gives me a lead into what ever direction I go from there. But most of all, it is fun!!!
    Thanks so much from one little happy blogger who loves to partake.

    • Thank you MT! It makes me happy that you and others are enjoying this flash fiction challenge! Stay tuned for the upcoming challenge featuring Diamond Jack!

  2. Thank you for responding to my (our) comment, now all I have to do is to get writing. I find it not only a great idea but it looks like fun. About to make my Mondays even more challenging now.

    • You are welcome Christina! I think others needed to have your question answered as well! I hope that you do take part in my writing challenge! It is a lot of fun! Be well! ^..^

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