About Mondays Finish the Story

Welcome to Mondays Finish the Story! This site was inspired by two flash fiction challenges: Alastair Forbes’ Sunday Photo Fiction and Rochelle Wisoff-Fields Friday Fictioneers. There is a bit of a difference though on this blog!

Mondays Finish the Story will provide a photo and the opening line of a story. The challenge is for you to finish the story in 100-150 words!

I hope that you will participate in this challenge and that you have fun too!

53 thoughts on “About Mondays Finish the Story

    • What lovely stories you weave! You have a lovely blog! I hope that you do take part in my Mondays writing challenge! If you include a link to this site’s weekly post, it will appear in the comment section, and folks can click on the link to check out your story and site. Adding it by clicking on the little blue fellow, also gets more traffic to your site as other writers typically use that area, InLinkz, to read other submissions. Thank you for visiting with me and, again, I hope that you join the group! ^..^

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      • Nope. The challenge is for writers…published and non-published. It is a fun challenge where you get to exercise your writing abilities. Go to the home page and look at some of the challenges. Click on the links, or the little blue guy, in any one of the posts and read some of the stories. I hope that you will take part in a challenge and that you submit a story. By doing this you might get more traffic to your blog! Feel free to ask anything else. I will help you if I can. ^..^

      • Sorry, I stated No. If you like to write then take the challenge. No need to be published with a book. You will be a published writer with anything you add to the world of writing on the internet. Did this answer this for you?

    • The idea came to me in a dream one night. The cool thing is that it is working and I am getting more and more people involved each week! Pass the word! This is a fun challenge! I hope that you participate and I look forward to reading what you write! Be well! ^..^

      • I will definitely pass the word. I see you already have a strong following and that is bound to grow!

      • Thank you! I began this blog and writing challenge on October 6th 2014. It grows larger each week which I find exciting! I am happy that I get to share my passions. They are photography and writing! (My other passions are cooking and gardening!) You can find my other blog at Life in the Foothills! Be well! ^..^

  2. I am so glad i started blogging because of things like this! I look forward to participating and hopefully expanding my “portfolio”/ just working on my writing in general.

    • I am glad that you found this site Tashina! I hope that you do participate! It is a fun way to work on the craft of writing, and it’s great exercise for the imagination! I am looking forward to what you come up with! Be well! ^..^

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    • Hi Debbie! The challenge runs from Mondays to Sundays, so yes you have all week to write a post. The post appears at 12:01 a.m. pacific daylight time. You have a lovely site! Keep in mind, that there is a word limit on the MFtS challenge. I hope that you participate! Everyone is having fun with my posts and I hope that you will too! Be well… ^..^

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  10. I would love to participate! Not sure how to go about it. I followed your blog so I guess I’ll get emails of each challenge? I’m quite confused about “pingbacks”…. Also when I participate do I just tag my story with… mondays finish the story ?

    • Wahoo! 🙂 You should get an email notification, or the challenge will appear in your reader. When writing your story, if you include a link to the weekly post, not the website. Do you know how to add links? If not, I can help you with that. I moderate comments and when I read the stories written I am looking at the blue frog list and the comments. When I read a story, I approve the comment, which then puts the pingback into the comment section of my post. Using the link and the blue frog give you better exposure for readers. Use the tag “Mondays Finish the Story,” “Fiction,” “Flash Fiction…” or anything that has to do with writing.

      I am looking forward to reading what you write Lisa! Please let me know if you need more help. Be well… ^..^

  11. I would like to try your challenge. It sounds like fun. But it might confuse my wordpress followers as I have primarily a photo blog. Maybe adding another page. I have to do some research on keeping the two separate without starting a new web page.

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