Have you ever had one of those days where you simply have had enough and then something else falls from the sky, drops in your lap, and voila, you simply have to take that on too?

Recently I have had a series of events occur that are over the top and I wanted to share this with you.

Going back a bit to the beginning of last year, a blood test revealed that I had a cancer. All last year and into this, I have been undergoing treatment. There have been a number of side effects to say the least.

One of these I have been referring to as a “spell.” It is rapid heartbeat and low blood pressure. Both the oncologist and the primary care doctors told me not to worry. I don’t know about you, but for me this was a worrisome deal. On a recent Saturday, when I was having one of these spells, I looked to my husband and said, “Take me to the emergency room. Let’s find out what is really going on here.”

Now, I could really get into the details here but would rather not. Suffice it to say, there was a treatment to settle down my heart, xrays, and more. One of the funny moments, if there can be any, was when the ER nurse handed me this tiny cup to use for a urine sample. With all the wires coming off me, how was I ever going to hit target zero? I felt like I was the meatball in a huge bowl of spaghetti.

I ended up spending quite a bit of time in the hospital. More than I expected. I was in for a total of 16 days, or slightly over half of August. What they discovered was that I have a fixable heart condition. The next thing they discovered was pneumonia. I thought this would quarantine me, but surprisingly it did not.

Over the course of my time in the hospital, I had numerous xrays, too many blood tests, insertion of a PICC line to enable the nurses to draw blood, respiratory treatments, and whole slew of tests, and pills, pills and more pills. Then there was the food.

The nurses bragged about the good food that comes from their cafeteria. The food was really bad. If they added a bit of applesauce to their apple muffins, eating one of these would be moist and flavorful rather than bland and dusty. Dinner plates were attended with a dull knife. There can be no serrated edges to a knife handed to a patient as they might cut themselves. I found it was easier to eat like a cave man. It just worked out better. The staff was not happy that they kept having to change my gown and sheets.
Upon release, they told me that I had a fixable heart condition and the pneumonia. They also told me that I was suffering from COPD, and a slight trace of emphysema. They were waiting for results from a test they did on my lungs, and it would be about another week before we knew what those results would be.

Did I mention that I gained 20 pounds in the two weeks? It was not from the hospital food. One of the drugs causes major water retention. I swear I can hear myself sloshing as I walk. The swelling has my ankles looking like I had sprained both of them. Maybe I should add a bit of purple and green eye shadow. At least I now I know what my feet probably looked like when I was a baby. All the wrinkles are gone there and in my face too. Who cares that I look like a chipmunk? Hey, maybe they should just give this drug out instead of using a Botox based drug to create a youthful looking you.

When we finally found out the results of the tests, we were told that I now have stage 3 cancer. The other cancer does not seem to be with me anymore, but this one is.

So, now you know why my responses to you and new postings have shifted. This last week has been one Dr. appointment after another as things get lined up and ready for the start of my treatments. My treatments will be a combination of radiation and chemotherapy, and I believe it will begin next week.

As if is this is not enough, one more thing happened. It took us once again to the ER. I have a blazing red and purple rash on my abdomen that turned up quickly. This ugly little rash turns out to be shingles. I can now pass on chicken pox! Wahoo! One never expects to hear hysterical laughter in the ER, but after hearing this is what I had, my husband and I did just that: We laughed our asses off.

We have new challenges to face, my husband and I, and we will be doing so head on and with a positive outlook. I want life to be as normal as it can be considering the circumstances. I am hoping that I will be able to post to the Life in the Foothills blog on a regular basis, and same with the Mondays Finish the Story blog. If there is a bit of delay in my replying to a comment, commenting on your story, or doing a post, I ask that you bear with me. I have an offer from one of my blogging friends to help me out, and if I need to I will take her up on that.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post and remember: Be well… ^..^

74 thoughts on “Announcement…

  1. Oh no! Why does life throw everything at us all at once? You sound to me like a very strong lady. I hope that life will take its long-fingered hold off of you soon and I pray that you will not only get better, but kick cancer in the ass laughing all the way.

    My thoughts are with you!

  2. I’m so sorry, Barbara, that you’re having to go through all that. I hope the treatments work and you regain your health. I know what shingles are as I had them several years ago. I thought I might be passing a kidney stone and went to the hospital for tests. Thank you for sharing with us. Get well soon and take care. 🙂 — Suzanne

    • Thank you Suzanne. The pain that I have in my back from the shingles is the worst right now. So, I can understand feeling like you had a stone to pass. I will be getting better every day, and I look forward to reading some amazing stories as I go through treatment! Be well my friend… ^..^

  3. Hi Barb, I am so sorry to here about your health.
    I can relate to the shingles as I had that a few years back and it was painful and uncomfortable.
    So my best wishes to you for a speedy recovery, life throws us a few curve balls but we have to deal with them as best we can. I’ll be thinking of you…

  4. Not so good at all. Thanks for explaining what happened during your August trip to hospital. I don’t know much about cancer but you explained some things that could happen. I also read a bit more about the stages . All I can say is that I have sympathy with what you are going through. It isn’t an easy journey you are on. Look after yourself and say thanks to your husband too who is supporting you. Lots of love and hugs.

  5. I admire you for your positive attitude in the face of this and I wish you all the strength to get better quickly. A friend of mine – a nurse – always says that staying upbeat is half the battle.

    And if you should need help with keeping MFtS running, give me a shout – I’d be happy to keep things ticking over.

    Stay strong!

    • I learned about having a positive attitude and healing when I read Norman Cousins book “The Healing Heart.” Being positive, and living with laughter in our lives goes a long way to overcoming illness. Thank you for the offer for keeping this site running. I will let you know if I need any help! Hugs to you Sonya!

  6. So sorry to hear of your ill health. I am sending my positive thoughts for healing to you from across the pond. Take all the time you need to get better. Hugs.

  7. I’m very sad to hear about what you are going through! I’m far from close to imagining how painful it must be, but I hope that you get better and eventually beat the cancer! You should not worry so much about responding/commenting/posting pictures for the MFtS, but focus on yourself…All the best wishes!

  8. What a journey and to say it’s been horrid would be an understatement. I’m amazed you’ve managed to post at all, but happy that you have. Time away from your situation must be a blessing, and I hope that blogging and commenting gives you some escape from your illness! I hope they are getting things sorted and you are doing much better soon and permanently! If I can do anything to help, please ask.

    • I will be doing better soon, and I feel the strength building in me each and every day! Things will go along well and I will heal from this. Thank you for the offer to help! I appreciate it! You be well… ^..^

  9. I dont know what to say Barbara. I am overwhelmed and choked with emotions. Take care my friend. You kept going inspite of everything. May God bless you. He will take care of you in the best possible way. You always say ‘Be Well’ to us and now I am saying it to you from my heart and soul – Be Well Dear Barbara. Jai Shri Krishna.

  10. I am so sorry that you have had such a time of it. Hospitals are not fun and frequently cause more problems than healing. I know this because I am a retired RN. Take care of yourself and try to take it one day at a time. If you’re a Christian, use David’s psalms for comfort. I am willing to help in any way I can. Love you…Susan:)

  11. Wow. I hate doctors but I guess they are a necessary evil at times. I will be in your corner, along with all your other well-wishers! Good luck with another of life’s many challenges!

  12. Hi Barbara, I haven’t posted in a while but I just wanted you to know how much I have always enjoyed your blog and the Monday challenges. Your honesty and bravery are inspiring and I wish you all the best. Thank you for sharing.

  13. Get well soon dear! I never realized you were so ill. You are very positive which is your best strength perhaps. Take rest..

  14. Oh Barbara, I know I am only relatively new to your site and challenge but it has been an enjoyable one. I am sending you the love and hugs of many eejits in the Emerald Isle to aid you on your recovery.

    • Please thank the many eejits there in the Emerald Isle for the love and hugs. I am sending it right back along with wishes that everyone be well…. ^..^

  15. Stay Strong you and I mean this in the most sincere way. I hope you can recover real soon.. I hope, these comments help!
    All the best for you!! Come back to writing real soon!

  16. I am so sorry that you are dealing with so much. Glad you have your husband for support.
    I am now feeling like a big ole whiner just because I cannot use my right arm and having tons of pain. That saying has been coming to my mind lately “There is always someone else dealing with more” I pray you have a full recovery and kick cancers ass!

  17. You are a survivor and your post is an example of that. Keep believing in yourself and whosoever else you believe. I wish you a Faster recovery and strength to bear with the treatment and medication. Stay Blessed Dear.

  18. I have no doubt that you are a strong and courageous woman. Your thoughts and your writing depict your love for life. I like the way in which you have shared your feelings. It’s not an exaggeration but you are a brave lady. Don’t worry you’ll be fine. All the best and take a very good care of yourself 🙂

  19. Barbara- your health and recovery- and spending time with your family should of course take precedence over anything else- don’t even think about worrying about your blogs! We’ll still be here, looking forward to our Monday story nibbles. All the very best wishes to you and here’s to a speedy recovery. Sending lots and lots of positive vibes your way! 😊

  20. This is horrifying. It strengthens my conviction the treatment is often more painful then the disease itself.
    My best wishes for an early recovery. Get well soon.

    • I will be fine YS! We were told by the radiologist that he can eradicate the cancer that I have! 🙂 Thank you for the wishes and I will get well soon! ^..^

  21. Barbara, my thoughts are with you. To say, I admire your spunk and determination would not be strong enough. Best wishes in the oncoming days. We’ll be right here with you! Take care.


    • Thank you Debbie! My spunk and determination will get me through this! 🙂 You take care and I am happy that you will be right here with me! ^..^

  22. That is so much to deal with all at one time, but you are a strong woman for keeping a positive attitude and being able to laugh at it. Stay strong and keep fighting! Sending you a virtual hug and kiss.

    • Thank you for the hug and kiss! I am sending one of each right back to you! I am still staying positive through this and begin treatment this coming Monday. It will be a long day, but is a step on the road to a full recovery! Be well my friend… ^..^

  23. Barbara, I am a surviving family member of four, the other three succumbing to cancer and I know how hard it is to listen to the doctors say not to worry. But there have been so many advances in care in recent years that you very surely could hurdle this easily and never look back. I will begin to pray for you. I will pray first for you to have peace. Also for strength as you endure treatments. I hope you know that God already has you in his hands and has your future in hand. Trust he will meet your every need and buoy your soul throughout this adventure.

    • Had me in tears Joe. I am so sorry for your many losses. And, I thank you for the prayers. I will get through this and I know that I have been given a test that surely I can handle. Again, thank you…my best to you! ^..^

  24. I’m so sorry to hear that you’ve had all of these things happening. You have such an amazing attitude to be blogging about it so soon. We are all with you. Be gentle to yourself, get rest, stay away from people during flu season! Oh gosh, I really HAVE to get a (DECENT) flash fiction story done so I can give you something!

    • Things happen in life that we just have to deal with. I will be gentle to myself, get plenty of rest and will definitely be staying away from the ill. I am looking forward to reading your story OnChi! You be well… ^..^

  25. My friend, I never discovered your very frank, very brave post Babs, until about five minutes ago. I started to read your words with open-mouthed astonishment and admiration for your guts and strength of mind. To get through the pain of the struggle you have so far is incredible. I can only begin to understand the obvious strength of character you have displayed, and that will never be enough, except to reassure you that many people who follow your posts are with you all the way. Continue to fight Babs.

    • {{{HUGE HUGS}}} to you my dear friend! It is wonderful to know that folks world over are supporting me in my fight. I will continue to fight John!

  26. Oh Barbara I just read this after few weeks hiatus. I am sorry to hear that. Sending love and wish you a speedy recovery 🙂

    Be well ^^ (just read comment above and now I know the reason you wrote that)

    • Thank you for the well wishes, and thanks go out to my dear friend Joy who thought followers of this flash fiction challenge should know.

      I will be doing another post to update everyone on my health. All is good, and I hope that you write for the next challenge. You be well too! ^..^

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