Out of this World on Mondays Finish the Story!

I wanted to tease you today with a preview of the upcoming Mondays Finish the Story flash fiction challenge! Today, I am previewing the photo that will be used on the post on Monday March 9th. And the photo is:

2015-03-09 - BW Beacham

I can feel your minds whirring already! πŸ™‚

There is a name associated with the upcoming challenge…The name is of the vineyard in this photo, and it is “Borracho Todos los Tiempos Vineyard.” If you figure out the name, it might help you with your story!

I hope that you participate in this challenge beginning Monday the 9th! You can add a story all the way up until the 15th!

I am really looking forward to reading your stories! Don’t forget to use the opening line, include the photo, and a link back to the post on Monday the 9th!

Stay tuned for the upcoming release of the Mondays Finish the Story challenge! πŸ™‚ And, remember, this is just a teaser, not the challenge!

Be well…. ^..^

10 thoughts on “Out of this World on Mondays Finish the Story!

    • You have jumped the gun! I posted a teaser of the photo that will be featured in tomorrows post of MFtS. I will keep your comment with the link to your story here on this post. Please return tomorrow and write another story using the opening line with the photo. This is what makes it the “Finish the Story” challenge…Be well! πŸ™‚ ^..^

And your story is?

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