Writing Do’s and Don’ts – by Barb Beacham

Need help with writing? Here are a few tips and thoughts that I wrote a while back that was featured on Anneli Purchase’s blog Anneli’s Place! Thank you to Anneli for taking my comment and making it a featured post!

Anneli's Place

I’d like you to meet Barb Beacham, whom some of you may know from her blog  at http://salmonfishingqueen.wordpress.com/

(I think she’s cheating with her selfie. We can’t really see our mystery guest clearly, but she’s a bit shy.)


Here is Barb with some of her ideas and tips about writing:

Thank you, Anneli, for inviting me to share about writing with you and your followers.

I have been writing for years. My ideas come to me at the most unexpected moments. When I see something and it strikes a chord, I write it down. You would not believe the pile of notes I have. There are notes on napkins, post-it notes, and on the backside of envelopes. I have since learned…First rule: Always carry something to write on and something to write with.

This leads to watching and experiencing. You have to watch life in order to understand it…

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4 thoughts on “Writing Do’s and Don’ts – by Barb Beacham

  1. I shall re blog after my Flash this week. Love the image.. There has to be a story there for another week don’t you think? We can have a comp for the opening line..

    Great interview Babso…xx

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