A New Beginnning!

Are you ready for a challenge? I wanted to announce the beginning of this new blog!

It is called Mondays Finish the Story!

Mondays Finish the Story

For quite a while now I have been enjoying writing for two flash fiction challenges. One is Rochelle Wisoff-Fields blog, Friday Fictioneers, and the other is Alastair Forbes’ blog, Sunday Photo Fiction.

Mondays Finish the Story is a blog where a photo is provided with the opening line of a story that you get to finish! Not including the opening line, the challenge is for you to finish the story with 100-150 words!

I might have some kinks to work out, even so, I hope that you will join me and others in this new writing challenge!

The challenge begins tomorrow, October 6th!

Thank you in advance for helping me to make this site a success! Be well! ^..^

4 thoughts on “A New Beginnning!

  1. Drats! I just realised it’s Monday already here in Oz, so I have a while to wait. I’m thinking it’s probably only around 2:30-3:00 your part of the planet, so I have a while to wait :-/

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